Are you Ready to deliver the most effective reading intervention without the overwhelm?


Are you wondering who actually benefits from utilizing a different approach for literacy intervention?

Are you confused about what evidence-based intervention looks like and how it's different from regular classroom-based reading intervention?

Have you tried to implement Orton-Gillingham strategies without success because you don't have time to create a brand new lesson plan for every student?

You are not alone!

We have all been to Professional Development training that was completely theoretical, not actionable, above our heads, or too basic. Basically, we have all been to Professional Development that was a complete bust.

Nobody's got time for that! Especially not impact-driven professionals like you that are ready to get out there and change the world!

Most of us never received formal training that helped us identify students that needed a different approach, and then taught us in a way that was clear, direct, and straight forward.

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How are we supposed to change the world and identify struggling readers and give them intervention that works when no one teaches us how to do it? Google "tips for struggling readers" and get a never-ending list of worthless activities like "have your student write a letter to his favorite singer" or "choose books that are engaging for your students." Wow, thank you for that, I had never considered trying to make learning meaningful for my students...

We get it, we've been there  - and like you we were tired of getting nowhere when we knew we were here to change the world for our struggling students. Just like you, we were sick of wasting our time on worthless Professional Development activities filled with ice-breakers and team-building exercises.

Okay, so here's our promise to you - no time wasting, only actionable content, with an entire print-and-go curriculum that you can use to get results quickly.

Join Us! 

What can Delivering SMARTER Intervention do for you?

Getting the results you want for your students requires systematic, structured lesson planning and the ability to teach the right strategies based on individual student need. Without a structured curriculum and guidance on how to implement this type of instruction, the process can be overwhelming or worse - your students can fail to achieve this necessary life skill.

Understanding how to deliver SMARTER Intervention can fast-track your students growth and can spare you tons of planning time.

Who is this training for?

Whether you work with students in the classroom and don't feel like they are getting the foundations they need from your current curriculum, you work with students 1:1 who need intensive support to close reading gaps, or you’re just interested in research-based intervention, Delivering SMARTER Intervention will help you:

  • Identify impacted students that may be flying under the radar but need a different approach
  • Understand the core components of structured literacy that will allow you to deliver highly effective intervention that will skyrocket student growth
  • Gain confidence in your literacy instruction
  • Decrease planning and preparation time (so you can have your evenings and weekends back)
  • Have ready to implement activities and strategies that target all components of reading
  • Understand the neuroscience involved in reading (in a way that makes sense)
  • Develop an understanding of literacy instruction from a new perspective
  • Learn how to differentiate instruction for all of your learners (without creating 20 different lessons)

How does it work?

Our online learning program is designed as a series of courses that you can take over time or if you prefer, you can take the courses all at once. Once you register you will have access to the three modules (courses) that will help you deliver this intervention program.

Module 1

Reading Foundations & The Background of the Reading Brain

Module 2

Implementing a Structured Literacy Intervention Program

Module 3

Lesson Simulation

Module 4

Differentiating for Small Group or Classroom Based Instruction

When you register you will also get immediate access to our online-based curriculum which will give you access to everything you need to be off and running with your students. It's quite literally print and go. The course is evergreen (that's a fancy way of saying you have access for as long as the course exists). You will have access to all of the online curriculum materials (including thousands of pages of lesson materials and games) forever. Don't worry, you probably won't need all of the materials but we wanted to have you covered for whatever you may need on this journey.

What's the Cost?

The cost for the course and access to all of the curriculum materials you will need is $485.

Yes, this is an investment. It's an investment in yourself and in your students. What would it be worth to have the knowledge you need to deliver Orton-Gillingham based structured literacy intervention that truly will change the world.

Enrolling in this course will give you the opportunity not only to change students lives but also to deliver OG-based intervention in 1:1 or small group intervention sessions. If you are an educator this is a great way to offer additional services after-school or over the summer to earn extra money. If you are a speech or educational therapist, this is a great way to add a highly-sought out service to your repertoire or practice.

We guarantee this knowledge will more than pay for itself and that you will receive immense value from your learning. We believe in this so much that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If after 60-days you have completed the program and don't feel like it is making a difference for your students we will refund your purchase. All we ask is that you demonstrate you have completed the work and are implementing the program and still don't feel that it's a good fit and we will give you your money back.

Then what?

After taking the Delivering SMARTER Intervention course you will be ready to run with your intervention.

However, if you like to geek-out on this stuff like we do, or are looking for more in depth training and coaching, we have developed a comprehensive online training program with 1:1 coaching that leads to SMARTER Intervention Certification.

This is equivalent to Orton-Gillingham (OG) based certification but holds an added focus on application skills (including reading fluency, comprehension, and writing) beyond what is typically seen in traditional OG training.


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