Do you have students struggling with phonological awareness?

Are teachers or parents concerned about your students reading or spelling development?

Are you working to support these students' literacy needs without clear direction?

We've got your solution!


By downloading our SMARTER Reading Intervention for SLPs toolkit, you will have all the information and materials necessary to support dyslexic students on your caseload. Using this toolkit will help your students close the gap and gain proficiency in literacy skills. All you need is a binder and a carrying case, we will send you everything else via digital download.

The SMARTER Reading Intervention Toolkit will help you:

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Here’s a snapshot of what you get with the SMARTER toolkit:

How do I sign up for the SMARTER toolkit?

Enter your email address here and we will send you your password to access the SMARTER toolkit for SLPs.

DOWNLOAD the SMARTER Toolkit for SLPs Here!

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In addition to this, you will get a welcome email that has additional resource links and information about research-based reading intervention.

You will have everything you need right at your fingertips to begin transforming your struggling readers as soon as tomorrow!


You can also become a  subscribing member for $24.99/month and have unlimited access to our entire collection of curriculum and resources to support your intervention.



Is this part of my scope?

Yes! Speech-language pathologists are one of the best possible professionals to be supporting these students! Check out our blog post on Why SLPs are Uniquely Qualified to Support Struggling Readers!

Is this Orton-Gillingham?

Orton-Gillingham is an approach, it's not a curriculum. We based our SMARTER Intervention curriculum specifically around the key components of this highly effective, research-based intervention. Find out more about the key components of the Orton-Gillingham methodology in this 30-minute course.

How much time per day does this take?

Since our materials are all electronic, you can quickly and easily download and print what you need when you need it; lessons, games, writing prompts, additional activities. You can use our lessons and resources to provide a short 10-minute mini-lesson for push-in instruction, and then break into small groups to go deeper into the skills and strategies. We provided a framework for you that supports this important work in 20-30 minute small groups, depending on the time you have available.

How does this compare to other literacy programs?

Other programs are what we consider incidental phonics. This means that phonetic rules are taught as they appear or pop-up in books. There is no system or road map to teach progressive rules and this is extremely confusing and overwhelming to students – especially our students with language delays and our struggling readers. Our program builds on itself, it is systematic starting with the simplest concepts or phonograms and moving to more complex skills gradually. This allows students to build a solid foundation of letter/sound and syllable rules that they will rely on as they begin decoding bigger words.

Our program is comprehensive and offers a truckload of stuff – for an insanely affordable price! We not only provide an entire school years’ worth of lessons, but we have games, writing prompts, and additional activities that align with every lesson. This means we have given you everything you need for your intervention including session materials, homework, assessment resources, progress monitoring tools, and additional activities for students who need more time on a concept.

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