Executive Functioning Symptom Checklist

It's our favorite day!

 Executive Functioning Symptom Checklist

If you follow Smart ALEC Resources, you already know that Friday is our favorite day of the week.  If you are new to our site, Welcome! We are excited that you are here. To explain why Friday is our favorite day, (no it's not because it is the start of the weekend), every Friday we post one of our favorite resources and give it away for FREE.  That's right, each week we have a new resource that you can download and use, available for one week.  

This month, our resources will have to do with Executive Functioning. This is a topic that we get a ton of questions about.  To sum up what Executive Functioning (EF) is, it refers to the skills that we all have to use every day that allow us to get things done. Everything from planning, to paying attention, to emotional regulation are considered EF skills.

Every Tuesday we will have a new blog that discusses a new EF skill or idea and a new resource every Friday. If you missed our blog about executive functioning this week, go check it out here!

Executive Functioning Symptoms Checklist

To start off our month of EF freebies, we are giving you a checklist of common EF struggles.  While this cannot diagnose, it can provide you a snapshot of what challenges your child could have in regards to EF. 

How Do I Use It?

If you are a teacher, this would be a great resource to give to your student's parents, especially if you are seeing their child struggle in any of these areas.  It can also be helpful to note which of these behaviors you are seeing in the classroom. 

If you are a parent, this resource can help you understand if your child is struggling with Executive Functions.  We often hear from parents that are frustrated because their child seems defiant or lazy, but is often just struggling with EF.  This checklist can be your first step in determining if something more is going on with your child. 

How Do I Get It?

This Freebie has expired.   Not to worry though! Every week we add a new resource for you.  To download our current resource, click here. 

If you are interested in getting all of our Executive Functioning resources and training. Enter your information below and we will get you information first!!!

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