Dragons Love Tacos Visual Motor Activities

 Dragons Love Tacos Visual Motor Activities

Happy Friday! We are so excited to share this week’s Freebie with you! This week our focus is on Visual Motor Skills and Handwriting.

Our Freebie ties into our blog post all about Visual Motor Skills. If you haven’t seen the blog yet, check it out here!

What is it?

Visual motor skills, also called visual motor integration, refers to the skills that combine visual skills, visual perception skills, and motor skills. So, the skills that use our eyes and hands in a coordinated way.

Hand-eye coordination is using the information received through our eyes to coordinate our hands with control, and handwriting is a major player here! This Freebie focuses on strengthening these visual motor skills through handwriting and letter formation.

How we use it?

Begin by having your student warm up by tracing the lines that match our cute dragons. Reinforce a proper pencil grip as well as appropriate pencil pressure – not too much, but not too little, either!

Next, students will practice letter formation. Here, it is important to make sure students are forming their letters from the top down – not from the bottom up. Letters like a and d need to be a separate “ball” and “stick” not one, fluid motion or line.

Finally, students will search for key letters in a letter search. This visual discrimination piece is important when strengthening visual motor skills.

What challenges might come up?

Corrective feedback is so important at this stage. Don’t let bad habits become permanent. If you notice an awkward pencil grip or incorrect letter formation, correct it and provide repeated practice of doing it correctly.

If letter formation is specifically difficult, provide activities where your student can trace the letter on a larger scale on glitter paper or in a salt tray. This tactile experience will help create muscle memory for making the letter correctly.

I love this deal! How do I get it?

To download this freebie, click here. Be sure not to wait, because this freebie will only be available for 1 WEEK.  

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