Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Happy Freebie Friday! If you are new to Smart ALEC Resources, every Friday we release a new free resource.  All month long we have been focusing on Reading Comprehension.  For our final resource this month, we are giving you one of our favorites! 

What is it?

This resource is a vocabulary graphic organizer.    One of the biggest challenges we have faced when working with our students on their comprehension is vocabulary.  It can be difficult for a lot of our students to rely solely on context clues, so before starting a new passage we will always work through any tricky vocabulary words they will come across. 

How We Use It

We start by choosing a word that is relevant to our passage.  For example, in the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, we identified the words hatchet, wilderness, dew, crystal and stew. We want to go through each of these words and make sure students fully understand each of the concepts. To do so, we use this graphic organizer and complete the steps listed below. 

To begin, determine whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, or other part of speech. Then you can dive into defining:

First, what is the category? For a hatchet - the category is a tool. 

Next, what is the function? For a hatchet - the function is to cut or chop.

Freebie 1 crop.png

Then ask the student, "what is this word like?" (synonym) For a hatchet - axe

What is it not like (antonym) For a hatchet - another tool that cuts but isn't the same would be scissors.

Finally, what are two key defining features? A hatchet has a short handle and it is very sharp. 

You can use the same organizer with young students. See what that looks like in this quick video!

What Challenges Might Come Up

Sometimes our students struggle to visualize the vocabulary words. If this happens, we suggest pulling up a picture so they have a visual anchor.  

I Love This Idea! How Can I Get It?

This Freebie has expired, but, we have a great NEW freebie here. 

For other great resources, check out our Teachers Pay Teachers Store or, consider becoming a Smart ALEC Member to receive access to our exclusive Members Only Library and all of our resources. 

Check Back Next Week!

In other exciting news, as April is starting next week we have a new Focus Theme! All of April we will be focusing on Early Literacy. Join us for a Facebook Live on Tuesday when we "spring" into this new theme, and Friday when the first of four freebies is released!



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