You want to provide the best research-based reading intervention for your student.

But you are struggling to find the materials you need in an easily accessible format.  You want to meet your student's learning needs but everything available is designed to support "all struggling readers". How is that possible when the struggles vary from student to student? How do you determine where to start a program and then how do you continue to find materials when the one approach provided isn't working or you need additional practice activities?

Let us help you.

Not only do we have the three levels of intervention curriculum with 30 individual lessons in each level to guide you on your Orton-Gillingham journey, but we have an amazing community here to support you every step of the way. We are also listening to your needs and consistently adding to our program to better meet the needs of your students.


A 5-10 minute video lesson walking you through the most important aspects and strategies for teaching the specific skills presented in the lesson. This is a great opportunity to get some additional tips and tricks on presenting the rules, phonograms, division patterns, etc.


A full instructor manual with a comprehensive script to follow. If you feel more comfortable with OG feel free to ditch the script, it is there primarily to guide you as you begin the journey. Each lesson's instructor manual contains 4-5 pages including a phonological awareness activity and a full differentiated spelling list.


A student workbook containing word lists, skill development activities including phonological awareness development, vocabulary and multiple meaning development, and comprehension skills. There are typically between 5-10 student workbook pages per lesson.


Extra activities that can be used as home practice, or to further develop skills specific to your students' identified areas of needs. Extra activities include: additional word lists, nonsense word lists, spelling review practice, word sorts, and more.

The comprehensive curriculum contains over 1,500 pages of materials that can support an entire year or more of intervention in a structured, systematic, and cumulative presentation.

Check it Out -

Watch our introductory video to receive a detailed walk through of our curriculum layout.

Know that most of our specific lesson videos are shorter than this initial video as they will assume you have this basic foundation in working through the curriculum.

For immediate access to Lesson One of our intermediate level curriculum click here.

Is this program right for me?

This curriculum is designed to be implemented by therapists, educators, speech language pathologists, or parents of students with dyslexia and other struggling readers. It is designed to be implemented in an individual or small group format. The materials can be adapted to be completed in a classroom-setting but are easiest to customize in smaller settings. If you are looking for ways to adapt your classroom to meet the needs of struggling readers consider checking out our Teacher Trainings.

This program is a great fit if:

  1. You are ready to use a more adaptable research-based intervention method to support your dyslexic students.

  2. You have a student who struggles with Oral & Written Language Disorder (a specific reading deficit with difficulty in language such as a mixed expressive-receptive language disorder).

  3. You want to use an Orton-Gillingham methodology but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on an inflexible curriculum that may or may not work for your student.

What If I Need Help?

Do you have confidence in presenting your lessons?

Watch our videos for tips and support on how to word specific rules in a way that will make sense for your students. This is also a great opportunity to see tips and tricks on making your lessons more engaging.

Struggling with Reading Intervention

Can we help you individualize your program?

Check out all of our additional resources designed specifically around potential areas of weakness. If you have a diagnostic report - it may be the gold you need to figure out how to add specific tasks to make the intervention even more effective. - We can help you interpret it!

No Response to Intervention

    Are you needing a community because you feel isolated as a solo-interventionist?

    Join our Members Only Facebook Community for access to a team of highly qualified professionals. We are here to bounce ideas around, offer suggestions, or just listen if you need to express thoughts on your journey!

    Reading Community Support

    We have your solution.

    With a membership to our subscription-based curriculum you get:

    • 3 levels of Orton-Gillingham based intervention to meet students where they are
    • Instructor manual for each of the 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    • Walk-through videos of each individual lesson
    • Extra materials specific to each lesson to individualize your instruction 
    • Access to our continuously growing resource library that includes games and extension activities
    • Access to our private Facebook group where we answer your questions and do Facebook live chats
    • This curriculum is easy to print or use on the go with your laptop and is designed to be adapted to meet any students' individual needs  

    We know you are committed to your students success but also need to find a way to stop planning and start living your life.  

    Become a member for $15/month with a 6 month minimum subscription.



    The first 100 members gain access to all our resources for $10/month. The first 100 members will be our founding members (we will design extra material and activities based on what you as a founding member want and need). The discounted $10.00/month rate will last for the life of your subscription and has NO 6 month minimum! Make sure to choose the Smart ALEC Founding Members Plan for this discount.

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