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Effective Reading Instruction Starts Here.

We're so glad you are joining us on this journey of evidence-based reading intervention. Structured Literacy has been supported by research as the most effective way to support a student with dyslexia in gaining the necessary reading skills to be successful.

How do I start?

We suggest checking out the tips based on your setting for getting started. Then jump into the level you will be using with your student(s).

We have three levels to meet students where they are. Click the button below to choose the level in which you would like to start (or scroll down the page).

The Beginner Level

is designed for very beginning readers and covers consonants, short vowels, digraphs, blends, and beginning welded sounds.

Beginner Scope & Sequence

The Intermediate Level

is designed for students that have basic reading foundations (consonants and short vowels) but need work on each of the six syllable types, syllable division rules, and spelling rules.

Intermediate Scope & Sequence

The Advanced Level

is designed as a continuation of the intermediate level for older or more advanced students.

Advanced Scope & Sequence


The Members Only Library

is designed to provide additional games and activities to support instruction in each of the lessons.

This intervention level is designed for students just beginning their journey into evidence-based reading intervention.


Skills targeted include beginning phonological awareness development, sound-symbol correspondence with consonants, digraphs, and beginning welded sounds.


This intervention level is designed for students progressing through their journey into evidence-based reading intervention.

Perhaps they have already worked through some of the basics or are older (3rd-5th grade) and need a bit more complexity. Skills targeted include more advanced phonological awareness, syllable types, phonogram patterns, morphology, vocabulary development, and comprehension skills.



This intervention level is designed for advanced students who have progressed nearly entirely through their journey into evidence-based reading intervention.

This level is also appropriate for middle and high-school students that have done relatively well reading and possibly spelling despite their dyslexia because they have developed strong compensatory skills like visual memory for word form. Skills addressed include advanced phonological awareness, advanced phonogram patterns, syllable types and division strategies, and advanced morphology.



Looking for a game or fun activity to supplement your instruction? Needing a way to track student growth? Look no further!

Lesson Resources

Multi-Level Resources

Scope & Sequence of Instruction

 Phonogram Deck

Phonogram Deck

Pre/Post Tests

Games & Activities

Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

Red Words


Progress Monitoring


We want you to feel confident in your instruction - so we have created a library of videos to help walk you through each of the six syllable types as well as each of the components of a lesson.

Six Syllable Types

Phonogram Concepts


Lesson Components

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